“I will be down for dinner once I have finished recording the charts!”

I was born and bred in Edinburgh, I grew up in a village just outside Edinburgh near the Pentland Hills and was spoiled by the stunning scenery. Ever since I could crawl, I always knew I wanted to get behind a microphone – that is no word of a lie!

My earliest memories involve me recording absolute nonsense on my first tape recorder and much to my parents’ annoyance, broadcasting to them in the bathroom on ‘Bogroll FM’ as well as delaying dinner every Sunday so I could record the charts. It was very obvious where I wanted my career path to take me.

Following helping to establish school radio, I pursued my dreams and studied radio broadcasting and subsequently audio engineering. I had some amazing student years spent in Dundee and Perth in the 90s, this equipped me with the basic skills which would start my journey in the media.

Let the real learning commence..

It is incredibly rare for anyone to get a big break in radio or the recording industry fresh from college, I was no exception. I knew where I wanted to go in life but I needed some experience. Looking back on being fresh out of college, I would probably have been fired within days had I been put on a peak-time radio show!

I earned my stripes doing hospital and subsequently community radio, I spent hours producing specialist music programming as well as creating imaging to use on my shows. I also started contributing and featuring on BBC Radio Scotland’s Gary Roberston show.

Whilst all this was going on, I also found myself getting a reputation as a DJ in some of Scotland’s busiest venues and going on to establish and run a successful DJ agency – you can read more about that story here. I also branched out and started another business, you can find out more about that here.

I have real life experience and stories to tell; a maturity and acquired knowledge that is now put to good use. Life has thrown some curveballs at me but then I count myself lucky to wake up and do work that I love, I also have an amazing family who support me all the way.

Right here, right now..

I am lucky enough that I have been able to turn my lifelong passion into a full-time job, something which I never take for granted. Every day is a new opportunity and I love to see what appears in my inbox each day.

I embrace new challenges and love to sink my teeth into a meaty project. Living for the weekend now has a very different meaning to me. I used to be such a creature of the night due to the full-time DJ work, now I cannot wait to go to bed each night so I am fresh for the next day of producing great audio.

I have a passion for life, creativity and engaging with people. I would love to work with you in bringing your ideas to fruition. I would also love to be the one responsible for preserving your precious memories should you have a pile of tapes required conversion.